Mad Honey

How is our Mad Honey extracted?

The extraction of mad honey is not just an ordinary production. It is hard and dangerous work that we do for you and for the opportunity to bring our traditional healing method to the world. And we are very pleased that so many people appreciate our work and our products:

" I first want to thank you for the buying experience itself along with your communication during the ordering process. The honeycomb was a wonderful gift with my order so thank you very much for that, I shared it with a friend and we found it very flavorful and a pleasant taste and texture. The "special effects" was a lot more calming than I expected but I was grateful for that. I have used the honey as a sweetening for my coffee and that effect was a little different than the raw honeycomb but still nicely calming overall. Thank you again, I will be a returning customer. - Aric Giron, Customer

You can taste our magical honey and experience its effects by ordering it on our website under SHOP. We deliver natural honey, which is extracted in Nepal all over the world.

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